How much time does a copywriter spend on research?

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How much time does a copywriter spend on research?-第1张图片

Hi viewer, You won’t like my answer because it takes time and effort.

If you can handle that, then lets get started.

I will take as long as it does for you to become an “ëxpert” in writing about yr chosen topic.

And I need to clarify something else, How good do you want to become at Copy Writing?

Yr job as a copy writer is to find what no other copy writer has found, that “Golden Nugget“of information, whether it be a Feature, a Benefit, something others have missed, because they were in a hurry to write something.

The Features and Benefits of yr “Product/Service Ad, are yr “Best Friends”, use them well, and never abuse them. And it’s Best Friends, because we always sell the Benefits before the features, that’s because customers Do Not Buy Features, they Buy Benefits, that’s Why it comes First.

Also never worry about how you should write yr ad, it is much more important What you write than How you say it ok.

For example one of the best selling ads I ever wrote was for a cockroach service

That took me literally ~4 solid weeks+ to research it enough, so that I was good enough to be able to write an ad freely about it, speak in expert terms, understand what those terms meant, and most of all completely understand the Lifecycle of my 6 Target Cockroach Species in enough depth to be able to then, Design a Treatment service, that was Unique, Thorough and would Solve the Problem and could crack the Queensland Market, for a Brand New Business where the Worlds Two largest competitors did business, speak and explain in “plain” English to my Target audience, the Australian Housewife why this was the only service they should risk their money on.

Then on top of that design the most outrageous No Risk Guarantee, and come up with an Offer that would make you feel “stark raving mad”, if You Didn’t take me up on that Offer.

This display ad in this case was to be run in a newspaper, it had No Photos, just 3 columns of Size 9 Times Roman font and a small name and phone number on the last last 3 lines.

The hardest part was convincing the paper sales rep to take the ad, because he refused at first because I would NOT put in any photos.

The Headline I managed to get down to 6 Words.

And what happened…

That ad Paid for itself within the First 60 Minutes every time we ran it, no matter which newspaper or which City. We ran it in Brisbane and Gold Coast for the franchisor, and the same thing would happen, it would Pay for itself within the First 60 Minutes.

That my friend is the Power of Research and the written Word.

To Write it once, Write it right, and be able to run it anywhere anytime and get the Results you Paid for.

The Client now had a money printing machine that they could use any time they wanted too without changes.

That’s how long it takes.

I wish you all the best.

Kiwi (launching soon)

P.S. 3 months later that company Won the First Place Business Award for: Best New Business Under 12 Months Old in Brisbane, Queensland.

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