How do I fix my procrastination and poor time management skills? I want a fresh start going into college.

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Procrastination is quite a common problem that can affect your academic performance. Very often procrastination can be a sign of a burnout. So, if this is a recent problem, I can recommend you to have a rest for a few days. Yes, it can be hard, because you have assignments to do but trust me, if you continue studying, you will feel only more tired and your health may suffer. I used Smart Academic Solutions when I couldn’t handle the amount of assignments and it helped me a lot :

Breaking tasks into smaller steps can help to make it easier to get started.

Use a planner or make a daily checklist. This is important because you’ll be able to plan ahead and keep track of your progress.

Set realistic goals.

Take breaks. Do breaks every 30-40 minutes, but don’t forget to come back to work.

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