What is something people need to understand?

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I was beating coffee when my phone rang. I knew it was him, even without looking at the phone.

I saw the name and blushed. I picked up the call and waited for him to speak.

“Is the person on the other side busy?” Kavin asked.

“No, that person was waiting for your call for 3 hours, 43 minutes and 22 seconds now.” I replied.

“I'm very sorry, Gunjita. I was stuck at work. The first thing I did, after being free, is to call you.” he said with a slight tiredness in his voice.

“I know. Have you completed the work?” I asked.

“Yes, I did. Now, I'm all yours.”

“You're already mine, my dear, even if you are stuck at work.” I said and laughed.

He talked about his work for 5 minutes straight and I was continuously listening, without uttering a single word.

“You are very tired, right?” I asked.

“Um, yes. But, not for you.” he replied.

“Should I cut the call? Take rest.”

“No, just stay.”

I didn't reply. I wanted to, but, I didn't. Neither did he.

Silence. Long silence.

We both were quiet for the True Caller app, recording us. But, we both knew, we were talking, even when we were silent.

Deep down, we knew that it was not an awkward silence.

It was solace. It was peace.

“Even silence is beautiful with you.” he said after 5 minutes.

“I can sit quietly on a call for a whole day if it's you on the other side.” I replied.

“You know I read a quote today.” he said.

“Which one?” I asked.

“If you two are comfortable enough to share silence, you should marry that person.”

“Haha, when is the proposal?”

“Soon. Very soon.”

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Coming to the question, What is something people need to understand?

Silence is powerful. It is magical.

You cannot expect a person to be energetic all the time. There are low moments, too, when you want to stay silent and feel the presence of the other person.

Silence doesn't equal losing a spark in any relationship.

It makes you comfortable, with the zero moments of your loved ones.

Happy reading:)

Gunjita 🍁

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