If you wrote a letter to your pet that recently passed away, what would it say?

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My precious Callie (cat) died 2 days ago (you were 17)….and I wrote a letter: To my Callie cat…..I adopted you when you were 12. The shelter told me you were a “talker” and I had no idea what that meant. I got used to your talking and it delighted me and made me laugh. I took you outdoors and you always stayed close the house. My son took care of you when I went on vacation and he said you were stretched out in the sun and enjoying life. I keep that memory in my heart. When the vet told me you were blind, it was unbearable. You blessed my life with joy and peace. The only time I cried (because of you ) was when you died. Goodbye my precious friend. I will love you forever. I will adopt another cat, and give you all of the love I gave to you.

Blessings to those of you who read this. I live alone, and am having such a hard time. I am not sure how this site works, but perhaps someone might respond.

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