What are some small things that matter a lot?

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I was a very serious minimalist when I was in college. At one point my room was like this

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On purpose.

I was proud that my possessions could fit in a closet and I could have a completely empty room at any time. Sometimes I wish that were still the case 😅

Sleeping on the floor relieved my chronic back pain I've struggled with since my youth.

Having few possessions meant I spent less time cleaning and organizing.

I also saved money because I avoided shopping.

Overall I was very relaxed at that time.

I read an article a few years ago that said one reason we feel more at peace while on vacation isn't because we're in a beautiful place or have activities to look forward to. It's because there is no clutter surrounding us.

In a clean space with only our essentials, we are able to thrive.

This small thing, keeping a clean and decluttered space, is so so important.

That is why the first week of January I spend every spare moment purging everything we don't need or cannot use. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Edit: Nowhere did I say that we live like this presently. Referring back to the first paragraph, I said clearly, “sometimes I wish that were still the case,“ implying that my home is no longer minimalistic. To those making accusations that i am depriving the baby of anything, kindly improve your reading comprehension.

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