Are Henry Harvin courses any good?

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I started with my first class for income tax on sep 24, 2023 with Henry Harvin and literally it was a disaster. The trainer was just reading the presentation that too with no sense of where to stop sentence, where to apply comma in speaking anything. I am very sure the trainer has no knowledge on income tax. How can this guys make someone with zero knowledge as faculty. They don’t know how to read sections also.Before we enroll for classes the words are like we can also provide you help in setting up firm etc.

But once you enrol no one is interested in taking even your calls. This was my first class, and I have been chasing them for refund or change of trainer from last one month, but the team never responds. Every time you call customer support they will say we will surely call back in 24 hours, but till I never received a single call to my queries. I have also written mails, but till date no respose.

The coordinator with whom you interacted to purchase the course will never response post you tranfer the course money. I interacted with Asad as coordinator and once the amount is transferred post that he never received any call of mine.

They are just investing in false marketing and fooling students. I would never recommend anyone investing time and money with this institute.

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