How do I do a skill that I can learn? Do you have any idea what art it would be? How long does it take to nail it that helps me with gaming?

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Most all visual art stems from drawing from life. That one skill can make you ready for just about any path in the visual arts. Painting, cartooning, gaming designing, CGI, etc. They all need someone to have those fundamental drawing skills.

Two things I want to emphasize. One is learning to draw from life. Two is taking a course with a teacher in a classroom with other artists. This is the best environment to learn the fastest. The teacher will correct faults before they become habits. The other students will show you how to overcome problems they have and that’s a whole ‘nother way to learn that you will never get at home watching drawing videos.

Avoid teachers who want to talk about the deep emotions you have to channel to be able to create art. You don’t want that BS to clutter your progress. None of that has any sort of success pattern and tends to make victims. Good Luck! Thank you for asking me.

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