What skills do you believe ancient Greeks excelled at?

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They were excellent in many fields but they had no match in:

Mathematics; they were the first to introduce abstract mathematics, topped in Geometry, and even got close to Calculus (Archimedes). Geometry taught in modern schools is practically the Euclidian geometry of the 3rd century BCE. In addition, the progress in math gave a big boost in more scientific fields like physics and engineering.

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Philosophy; Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, and more are still read, taught, and discussed around the globe.

The progress in both, mathematics and philosophy was the outcome of a genius Greek innovation; science and philosophy became secular, allowing anyone interested to practice, discuss, or dispute them. Today, this is called the scientific method…

Theater; they introduced theatrical performances and some of the plays of the classical era can still move the audiences. You have to attend Aristophanes once in your life, for instance…

Sculpture; the ancient Greek statues are still considered beauty models. We still call a beautiful woman Venus (of Melos) and not Monica (as we, maybe, should).

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