What are some unique tips and tricks for improving productivity?

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I have been a person on whom the normal or famous tips and tricks didn’t work. But there’s always a solution to every problem/challenge.

1. 21-Day Tracker: Write down all tasks you tend to procrastinate, even daily routines like bathing, if you're trying to develop a habit. It's okay not to be perfect; the key is to show up each day and try, helping maintain motivation.

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2. 1000 Hours/Days Tracker: Choose either a 1000-hour or 1000-day tracker for long-term goals. Completing it can significantly reduce procrastination issues.

4. Accountability Partners: Share your progress with someone you trust, like a sibling or friend. If no one is available, self-analyze your progress. Having someone to report to can boost your commitment.

5. Study Buddy/Group Study: Studying alone can be challenging, but studying with others, even virtually through platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, can enhance focus and encourage you to start studying.

6. Family Time: Make sure to allocate time for conversations and activities with parents and friends. Balancing work with family and social life is crucial for overall well-being.

7. Practice Self-Love and Discipline: Remember, self-love involves self-discipline. Taking your goals seriously is a form of self-respect, and not being busy may lead others to impose their tasks on you.

8. Create a Sense of Emergency: For tasks I tend to delay, create a sense of urgency to tackle them promptly.

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In addition to these tips, I've found two Hindi YouTube videos particularly helpful in enhancing productivity and discipline. These videos offer practical advice and strategies that align well with the tips above. I highly recommend checking them out for additional insights.

Productivity is about doing the right things efficiently. Find the methods that work best for you and adapt them to your lifestyle and work habits.

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