How do I increase concentration during study?

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💡 Productivity Tips 💡

1. Focus on one single task at a time. Multitasking is not always good esp when you're learning something.

2. Put away your phone, keep it on silent for the duration of time you're studying. No text, no call, nothing. Don't even use it as a stopwatch or alarm.

3. Meditate. Nurture and nourish your soul. It helps improve concentration.

4. Sleep adequately. At least 7 hours a day. Your brain needs rest to process and store the information that you've learnt and memorised. I used to sleep for at least 8 hours daily.

5. Focus on the task at hand and not what you're going to do in future.

6. Take breaks. Don't study for more than 90 minutes at a stretch at any cost. Take a 10-15 minute break after every 90 minute study session. The human brain finds it very difficult to focus for durations longer than that.

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7. Do some physical activity daily. It increases blood flow, releases endorphins and promotes the growth of new brain cells. Some morning walk or evening walk even for half an hour duration is just fine.

8. Eat well, eat clean and as far as possible, eat healthy. You cannot afford to fall ill at this critical juncture.

9. Set a timer for how many hours you have studied so that you can monitor your productivity and improve on the number of study hours in the coming days. Follow the pomodoro technique.

10. Have some fun and leisure time too to relax and freshen up your mind. But remember, don't overdo it.

All the best! Keep grinding. 💪🤜🤛🔥

Credit— Faizan Ahmad sir

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