What are some vital dog training tips?

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Keep your emotions out of it. All animals respond to calm leadership and understanding. Fear, anger, frustration, adrenaline - learn to leave them at the door. Emotions hinder effective training and communication. This isn’t easy, but is possible with practice. Use your breath, clear your mind, and focus on the now.

Dogs, not babies. We all love our dogs, but some dog owners give in to their need to baby their dogs. I’m not saying cuddles and love are wrong, that would be devastating - but keep in mind that this is a different species, they don’t feel what we feel. Learn to think like a dog instead of expecting your dog to think like you.

Stop, look, listen. In today’s time-pressured world, we have lost the ability to pause and take in what is happening around us. Put down your phone and watch dogs play in the park. Even better, watch your dog play with other dogs in the park. Study the body language and timing of each interaction like you are watching a foreign film - learn their language to help you to understand why your dog does the things he does.

Don’t set yourself up to fail. Heading out for your training session in a blowing gale? Braving your bad mood after a bad day with your daily training session? Committing to regular training sessions is fabulous, keep it up - BUT…if the circumstances are against you, instead, just have some fun with your dog, walk, play, and give yourself time to enjoy your friendship.

HAVE FUN. Dog training is a commitment but it isn’t your job. If you are doing it right, your daily training sessions will be as fulfilling for you as they are for your furry friend.

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