Is overthinking a way to pursue knowledge or not?

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How do you define “overthinking”? The online dictionary defines it as thinking about something too much or too long. So by definition, it implies an excess.

Of course, there is no universal standard for how much thinking is too much. If you enjoy pondering something you just read and decide to reflect on it over the course of the next couple of days, that is only a problem if it’s a problem. In other words, does it stop you from doing things that need to be done? Does it result in harm to your primary relationships or interfere with your concentration on other topics of importance?

It is almost as though your question is asking, will using a problematic approach work for me? Well, no. It will interfere and be less than optimal.

IMHO, the pursuit of knowledge is best undertaken with some degree of balance. The body and the brain in particular tend to function better when they have a healthy balance between information and interaction, thinking and feeling, activity and rest.

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