Can you write something so deep and thoughtful?

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She was the youngest child, prettiest girl in their family and the most unwanted too.

She was hated from her birth by every single person she could remember.After she was born, her father started abusing her mother physically and mentally so badly that it took a great toll on her health. Her mother used to vent out her frustration by thrashing her.

Outside world was jealous of her breath taking beauty, but it never meant a thing to her. She wanted to kill herself, by any way she could find. Her eldest brother used to touch her inappropriately since she was young.

When she was 14 years old, a 22 year old cousin of her came to stay in their house. He assessed that she is emotionally exhausted and left no chance to take advantage of her. He showed her affection, the only thing she craved for since she was born. He sexually assaulted her and after him, some few other cousins of her tried to r*pe her.

When her parents got to know about it, they never said a word to him. Yes, they DID NOT.

She completed her school education and they started to find groom for her for her wedding, she spent 2 years staying at home. After constant negotiation from her and other relatives, her family at last sent her to college.

After completing her graduation, they married her off in a far away state in a well off family. But life still didn’t pay a heed on her. Her husband was a selfish, self centered maniac who doesn’t even care about his own children as if they don’t exist.

He doesn’t let a single chance go to mock her, criticize her and even beaten her quite a few times. Once, she decided to end her life after a fight with him by jumping from their house top but her daughter’s sight stopped her, thinking what would happen to her.

She still spends life with that childhood trauma, everyday fights and that feeling of being unloved.

She is still living, just for her children.

Can you write something so deep and thoughtful?-第1张图片

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P.S- Whatever I wrote, each and every word is true. It is a true story of someone I know.

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