Is there a poem that you've written during a low point in your life? How does it make you feel reading it now?

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Your silence comes off deafening

Speaks volumes no words could

I hold onto my shoulder now

The place, where you once stood

I miss the days I’d hear you

I long to hear your voice

You left me cold and all alone

I didn’t have a choice

Oh, little one who’d whisper

The right things in my ear

I wish that you would come back

But you’re gone for good, I fear

Your little voice grew softer

A little quieter each day

As you were heading out the door

Another came to stay

He drowned you out completely

Inside my head, resides

This voice, there’s no escaping

There’s nowhere I can hide

But this voice, it is no stranger

We know each other well

The old voice came from heaven

But this voice reigns from hell

I knew one day you’d come back

After all, we made a deal

Peace and joy and happiness

I now no longer feel

All of this I owed you

The price I had to pay

Yet still one thing that’s owed thee

I beg you take this day

Your voice grows ever louder

I hear no other sound

You tell me that I once was lost

And remind me, never found

I’ve prayed for hosts of angels

Those prayers fell on deaf ears

I see how faith blinded my sight

You’ve made my vision clear

I can’t take all this hurting

The pain’s too much to bear

I know no help is on the way

But I no longer care

With a needle stuck deep in my vein

I’d come to wade the shore

Of that fiery lake but you wouldn’t take

From me you wanted more

I wish my life would just suffice

But it just won’t foot the bill

You’ll have my life, but not this day

My spirit, first, you’ll steal

But my spirit’s been long broken

In me, no will to fight

This never-ending torture

Is much to your delight

You make me carry longer

The weight of shame and guilt

I’m forced to live inside my mind

In a house of pain you built

Well I’m done with all the running

Come out, look me in my face

If this is all there is for me

Then you, I now embrace

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