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Leave your parents, especially Indians.

So many people going to hate me for this post, especially Indian people but this is true.

In India, there is a culture of living with parents and I don’t hate this culture.

If you just side your typical Indian mindset and just for a second think if in your 20s complete 20s from 20 to 29 this 10 years if you have your free time where no barrier you have, no one going to question you, a complete freedom.

This freedom can change your life completely.

I give you the reason:

At this age you are at the peak of your energy, you have negligible responsibility, and your risk-taking ability is also high in this age period.

If you don’t have a barrier on your time it helps you to explore so many areas of your life.

This is a complete life changer if this incentive parents start or support their child so that their children instead of running behind a job works on his dream or exploration and if in these 10 years, things go well then you will enjoy your entire life but if thing does not go well then you will have no regrets that I don’t give time to myself or I didn’t try what I wanted to do - A regret-free life.

Problem living with parents:

Your life becomes so ease

Your financial situation Can you afford to live on your own- Do you actually realize

Lack of Maturity

You don’t need to take any responsibility for your parents because you think as a backup plan you have your parents

You not going to explore this world and your life just living inside your house

Washing clothes, being on time getting food, and pocket expenses are responsibilities that by living inside the home you not going to know

When you enjoy your own company without keeping your head on the other shoulder then you’re never truly alone.

Alone time feeds the soul like nothing else can

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment - Jim Rohn

Everyone loves their parent but for a second think if you work as hard as possible in these 10 years then you can give a more luxurious life to your parents, I do not hate the culture of living with parents.

PS:) Life is short, live your dream you don’t know what opportunity is waiting for you to take action❤️

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