What're the skills people need to learn for the future?

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Discipline (One’s Character)

The mother of all the skills. Despite you have all the technical skills and if you don’t have the integrity , you are lost in the society. You will not be respected.

There are lot of highly successful people, who have failed in the integrity and have lost even after succeeding in life.

2. Communication skill :

The ability to communicate in oral and written skills is very important to one in succeeding in life.

80% of the people fail in the communication despite having highly technical skills.

What needs to be told ?

When it needs to be told ?

To whom it needs to be told ?

How it needs to be told ?

These points decides the success of the communication.

3. Ability to Create trusted network ( Trusted Relationship) :

Ability to mingle with unknown people and make them trust. Create a good trusted network of people is one of the key skills in today’s world. The quality of the people in the network makes wonder and can change your future.

However there are plenty of skills one can have. In my experience i feel the above three skills are more important to succeed in life.

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