What are some tips for a glowing face?

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Ladies, 10 tips that you might or might not have read in my previous write-ups. Let’s go.

Skincare is about ”caring for the skin”, not stripping it off of the required nutrients and moisture.

No DIY home remedies - Ladies. I come from the era when everything was DIY. Mix Lemon and Honey and put on your face. Put tomatoes on your face. I thought that tingling was good, and that burning was amazing. You know now how I feel about putting lemon on your face. Or potatoes on your face. Or anything acidic on your face. See, if you keep stripping your topmost layers with harsh ingredients like that, and go out in the Sun, you would get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So just stop with the home remedies (specially acidic ones) already. There is a reason they sell Vitamin-C serums in stores. Because they can control the ingredients inside of it.

Don’t store cosmetics in the washrooms - You must have studied chemistry in class 11/12. The basic principle about chemicals is that they generally become unstable in hot and humid conditions. No marks for guessing which is the most hot and humid area in your home. Please don’t store your cosmetics in the washroom. Keep them in a cupboard. My mother keeps her cosmetics in refrigerator in Summers. Mothers know everything. Well, almost.

Never skip Sunscreen - Ladies, if you are not using Sunscreen even now, then we would need to break-up. That’s just a joke. Or is it? Please apply sunscreen every one-two hours when outdoors and every 2–3 hours when indoors. Promise me.

Buy Sunglasses, and use them - I am not even making this up. Sun exposure is the main culprit when it comes to skin problems. Please buy a pair of good Sunglasses (not the one they sell by the roadside, those have questionable glass quality. You don’t want to play with your eyes with cheap quality stuff). And wear those Sunglasses when you step out in the Sun. Less under eye bags, and so much more style. Thank me later.

Maybe have a glass of water as you are reading this - 3–4 liters of water every day. Why Shivee? Good question. There are three ways in which your body gets rid of toxins. Urine, Bowel movements and Sweat. Drinking water would help you with urine and bowel movements. Always remember, heal inside and it shows outside.

Include a vitamin C serum in your morning routine - What would protect your skin when it releases cortisol when you are stressed after that discussion with your boss? Vitamin - C would also help your fight pollution. It might be expensive, but it’s one of the most important product in your skincare routine.

Buy a satin/silk pillowcase - I have been using satin pillowcases for about 6 years now. These are less abrasive than cotton pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases also absorb moisture off your face. If you switch your pillowcase, your hair quality would improve as well.

Sleep well - Fun fact, most of us follow a circadian rhythm to sleep. You might have noticed that if you sleep at 2AM and wake up at 10AM, you are still drowsy. However, if you sleep at 10:30, and wake up at 6:30, you are awake. You need to be fast asleep between 11 PM - 3 AM. That’s when your body makes the most of the regeneration process. So please sleep on time. And of course, no cellphones in the bedroom.

Eat 6–7 almonds soaked overnight - Vitamin E is also very good for skin. Don’t peel the almond skin. Just eat the whole thing.

Exercise - Did I tell you that exercising solves almost all the problems? If you can’t lift weights, maybe just play a sport of your choice. But move. Energy attracts energy.

Ok, cliched skin transformation photo, because why not.

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