How do you know what you want in life?

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In my childhood, I always had the belief that I would pursue law school, but I ended up failing at it after just one semester. However, this setback led me to embark on various other career paths, such as teaching English in Taiwan and China, working as a flight attendant for multiple airlines in the USA, driving for a courier company, serving as a bank teller, and returning to school to obtain a Master in Public Administration. Through my experiences, I have now gained a clear understanding of what I want for my life, which is to work with children and provide them with education in financial literacy, English literacy, health, nutrition, and wellness. This realization came to me later in life, causing some initial fear and the realization that life doesn't always go as planned.

Despite facing challenges, including living in a homeless program for mentally ill individuals, I have come to accept myself fully and recognize my strength and resilience. Each moment in my life has guided me to this path of teaching children, and I feel confident in this decision without seeking validation from others. I have learned not to compare myself to the achievements of others, especially within my family, and instead focus on accepting my own journey with all its flaws. Once I embraced and loved myself, my life began to change for the better, leading me to trust my intuition and follow the voice of my heart towards my highest good.

Through this process, I have been able to travel to China twice, defying the odds and embracing the unknown.

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