What are some tips for learning how to drive a car?

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“The way I drive, the way I handle a car, is an expression of my inner feelings”— Lewis Hamilton

Driving is neither an easy nor a difficult task.

You should first set your mind that even if you fail for the first few days while driving a car perfectly, you should never give up.

Here are a few tips which I suggest for beginners:

Ensure that you are minimum 18 years old in order to start learning to drive. Then you can take a Learners Licence and drive safely on the roads.

Enter inside the car and properly analyse the steering wheel and controls.

The proper shifting of gears will be mentioned in the driving manual or you can check out some Youtube videos as well.

Check the gear and practice from 1st to 4th gear ( I am not suggesting you to learn the 5th gear now as its highly unlikely that you will be using it in the city traffic conditions) along with the reverse gear.Practice the gear shift by pressing the clutch and with the engine in off mode.

After that you should notice that there are 3 controls under your feet. If you view it from left to right, then these are Clutch,Break and Accelerator.

The Left leg will be used for Clutch only and the Right Leg will be used for Brake and Accelerator.

Now you should learn how to tie a seat belt. You must always tie the seat belt before driving a car as its mandatory.Properly put the seat belt hook into the knob and ensure that you are feeling comfortable in it.

On both sides of the steering there are 2 knobs. The right knob consists of features like light switch,Left and Right Indicator,Upper and Dipper.

The left knob is used for the wiper.

If you want to park car in a slope, you should always use the handbrake.

Now you can start your car. You can start it by turning the key in clockwise direction. Before starting it remember that your car is in neutral gear and also your handbrakes are up.

After this press the clutch to the full extent and shift the first gear.Drop the handbrakes now. Slowly release the clutch and you will notice that the car is moving forward in slow motion.Control the steering along with the movement of the car.

Firstly practice these things in an open field and master in it. Then you will gradually learn to drive in a perfect manner on roads.

Always Remember to carry your Learners License/Driving License,Insurance papers as well as PUC papers.

All the best and Happy learning.

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