Be honest, why do you write on Quora?

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Be honest, why do you write on Quora?-第1张图片

A few years ago I have posted a few answers on arithmetic progression and when I open quora after a long time I had 2 k views, I was surprised to see that. I don't know which hormone was released by seeing this but I got so much motivation to share my knowledge in the field of fitness and health so I started writing

Not in the field of maths because It is hard for me now

(practice Chali Gayi yar😂or yes bich bich me insta and FB delete Karene ka bhut ajata hai mere meim tab thoda quora pe jyada likhta hu)

. And one of the reasons I am still sticking to quora is because I learn a lot from other Quoran about fitness, health, lifestyle, comedy, politics, travelling, food etc their writing techniques, convincing skills, influencing people and many more.

(Mujhe bhi sikhna hai yar🥺english acchi karni hai , ki koi padhe to bole waah kya professional writer hai .)

I don't afraid to write here my thought because no one knows me here (jyada se jyada pyar karenge or kya hoga)I am discipline boy for few people and childish for few , so I kept these two group away from each other .because I don't know how to behave among them when they meet each other.I have read a lot of books on fitness and experience in the field of fitness so to make others aware and improve my knowledge too that's why I write here. And I got 55.5 k views on one of my answers which gives me more motivation to share my knowledge. I have lots to share but I just get a little bit of confusion about how should I convey what I had learned from the book and my training experience.

But I hope I will learn soon.

And yes I write on quora so that I can delete it😂

Have a nice day😇

Be honest, why do you write on Quora?-第2张图片

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