Should I create an author website, or just use social media?

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Whether to create an author website or rely solely on social media depends on your goals, audience, and the level of control and customization you desire. Here are some considerations for both options:

Author Website:

Professionalism: A dedicated website provides a professional online presence. It serves as a centralized hub where readers, publishers, and media can find information about you and your work.

Control: You have full control over the design, content, and structure of your website. This allows you to showcase your brand and work in the way you want.

Long-term Ownership: Unlike social media platforms, where algorithms and policies can change, you own your website. It's a stable platform that won't be subject to sudden changes or disappearances.

Branding: Your website is an excellent tool for branding. You can establish a consistent visual identity and message that reflects your author brand.

Marketing Opportunities: You can integrate various marketing tools on your website, such as a mailing list, blog, or direct sales platform, enhancing your ability to connect with your audience.

Social Media:

Reach and Engagement: Social media platforms offer a wide audience and the potential for high engagement. It's an effective way to connect with readers and build a community.

Ease of Use: Social media is user-friendly and requires minimal technical expertise. It's a quick way to share updates, interact with followers, and participate in broader conversations.

Discoverability: People often discover new authors and books through social media. If used effectively, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook can help you reach a broader audience.

Networking: Social media allows you to connect with other authors, publishers, and industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships.


Ideally, a combination of both is often the best approach. Start with a professional author website that serves as your online headquarters. This is where readers can find comprehensive information about you and your work. Use social media as a tool to engage with your audience, share updates, and participate in the broader literary community.

Remember to consider your goals, target audience, and the amount of time you can dedicate to maintaining both platforms. Ultimately, having a diverse online presence will give you the best chance of reaching and connecting with your readers.

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