What social skills can I learn from your experiences in just 10 minutes?

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What social skills can I learn from your experiences in just 10 minutes?-第1张图片

Never say “No” for any favour asked, immediately, to anyone. Ask for some time to think, and later on reply negatively.

Never share your secrets with the person who shares the secrets of other people with you.

Be the first one to smile in a metro, in your office, anywhere.

The less you speak, the more curious people get. So, keep your mouth shut if you want to be interesting.

Be the first one to initiate a hand shake. And make sure it's firm.

Don't interrupt in a conversation. Listen politely.

Always keep your voice low.

Keep your mouth closed when you chew food.

Hold your significant other's hand whenever attending a meet up or a function. It shows the strength of your relationship.

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