What are some useful tips for studying for exams?

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What are some useful tips for studying for exams?-第1张图片

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You got thiss!!! As a student whose exams are already over heads… I will be sharing my tips and piece of advices which I am following right now! And that always helps me to score amazing!

PRIOTIZE : first of all know which subjects takes you down and which needs to be gate keeping… according to that start studying from the priority basis… example , if economics is hard for you and u score average in that then start from it make it ur first priority…. And As u good at it maths like a cup of tea …so buddy u better keep it as a last priority.

TIME MANAGEMENT: OH my God this is so basic we all know that how time management plays with us and if you want to take this game over your hands then don't you dare to procrastinate at all… u got times for sitting with chips and coke and screen front of ur face after exams ends but pls die with books till then imao… know how much time is left till your exams to start and on that basis make a plan and start working /studying

look out for methods in online and aplly it according to what works for u.. and if you want to know different tips you can follow me to get regular study tips and motivation. (Buisness techniques *evil laughs*)

4. Know what time your brain works best if you are a morning person then study early morning by waking at 4 am or something otherwise u can study up late nights if u are a night owl… but please don't be oversmart by pulling an all lighter its literally so unhealthy for our brain… night sleep is very important for our bodies… idk why nowadays people made it a tradition to pull a nighter.. :)

5. At the end when ur syllabus is covered please please solve sample papers and last year questions… I swear its a chef kiss technique… if u do this u hen after u don't need to worry at all

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