How can I stop being judgmental of people?

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One of my friends shared a story with me that deeply touched my heart. It is about a cruise ship incident where a couple found themselves on a lifeboat with only space for one person. In a selfless act, the man pushed his wife behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat himself. As the ship sank, the woman shouted something to her husband before they were separated. When asked by their teacher what they thought she shouted, most students responded with anger and betrayal. However, one silent boy believed she would have shouted, "Take care of our child!" The teacher was surprised by his answer and asked if he had heard the story before. The boy revealed that his mother had said those exact words to his father before she passed away. The teacher confirmed that his answer was correct. The man raised their daughter alone and years later, after his death, she discovered his diary. It revealed that the mother had a terminal illness when they boarded the cruise ship. The father sacrificed his own life to give their daughter a chance to live. The story ended and the class fell silent. The teacher realized that the student had understood the moral of the story, which is to never judge others without understanding the complexities of their situations. We should look beneath the surface before passing judgment.

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