How do I stay motivated?

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Friends will not be by your side for your entire life, so it is important to learn how to stand alone.

Physical appearance, height, and complexion hold just a 1% importance for success, while the remaining 99% is determined by hard work.

Chasing after the opposite sex is a major mistake compared to pursuing your passion.

Time has the power to heal and destroy; wasting time only leads to suffering.

Blindly following the rules and regulations followed by the majority is a grave error.

Neglecting hard work and avoiding calculated risks in your early stages of life can lead to a miserable existence.

Listening to the advice of parents, relatives, and friends can distract you from choosing the right career path for your life. It's essential to listen to both your heart and mind.

Family brings happiness; not dedicating enough time to them can create a significant distance between you and your loved ones.

Higher education, practical knowledge, training, and experience contribute to a progressive career.

It is wise not to trust everyone.

Avoid following the crowd and instead forge your own path. Be a pillar of your own instead of just another brick in the wall.

Sometimes, making tough decisions is necessary for a better life.

Rejection and failure push individuals to uncover their true potential and are necessary for success. Steve Jobs serves as an excellent example of this.

Having audacity, hope, and the courage to implement your ideas is crucial. If you don't utilize your outstanding entrepreneurial idea, someone else may seize the opportunity and achieve tremendous success. Failure in this case is solely due to not acting on the brilliant idea.

Complaining about everything will not solve your problems; taking initiative is necessary. Running away from difficulties will never alleviate them; you must confront and overcome them.

Life is filled with suffering and pain, but you must learn to let go and not hold onto them. Time is limited, so pursue your passion and do what you love.

Rather than competing with others, focus on competing with yourself. Avoid procrastination, as it hinders your progress in life.

Take care of your health and mind. Engaging in meditation helps to keep your mind calm. Make sure to go for a run every morning.

You cannot do everything. Concentrate on a few things and become an expert in those specific skills.

Avoid unnecessary expenses. Deposit, spend, and invest money wisely.

Love your job, but don't become too attached to your company, as there is always a risk of being let go.

The true failure in life is not realizing how close you were to success before giving up.

Rather than seeking motivation, seek inspiration. It is easier to pull yourself forward than to push yourself.

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