What is the most beautiful thing in life?

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Experiencing your first paycheck.

Sense of being wanted.

When your baby grasped your hand for the very first time.

Initial kisses and infatuations.

Feeling the powerful wind crashing against your face.

Embracing someone you deeply care for or look up to.

Nervousness and excitement in the pit of your stomach.

Sense of achievement in accomplishing a long-desired goal.

Responding to Quora questions and receiving love from your followers.

Your wedding day.

Completing your own autobiography.

Being in love with someone.

Relieving oneself after holding it in for a significant amount of time.

Satisfying your hunger after enduring pangs of starvation.

When a dog showers you with its licks.

Reconnecting with your long-distance best friend after a considerable time apart.

Returning to your hometown or visiting your old school.

Feeling exposed and fragile.

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