Whats the best way of leading a life?

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Dear friend,

The best way to lead a fulfilling life is to live a life of understanding, where questions like these won't arise. Nevertheless, I applaud your courage for asking. :)

What is understanding, you ask?

It's difficult to fully describe what understanding is in positive terms, but we can start by discussing what it isn't. As you read this, are you thinking about something? No, you likely aren't. If you were, would you truly be able to listen to what I'm saying? Probably not.

Understanding is being fully present in the moment. It's what's happening right now. It is not having preconceived notions or beliefs about a subject. If you already have a fixed idea of what understanding is, you won't be able to truly comprehend my answer. Belief is not understanding; in fact, it hinders it.

Understanding is not a mental process or thought. It goes beyond the mind's analytical capabilities. Understanding is simply being present and not engaging in mental activities. It is not a result of analysis or problem-solving.

To understand something, you no longer need to use mental processes such as hating, dividing, comparing, or analyzing. Understanding is just allowing everything to be as it is and being present to life. It requires stillness and peace. Those who are still in the present moment are the ones who truly understand.

Understanding is not something you achieve through doing or applying mental processes. It is simply being present and attentive. It means coming into intimate contact with whatever you seek to understand, without comparing or analyzing. This can only happen when the mind is quiet and not constantly active.

Attention is the environment where understanding blossoms. To lead a life of understanding, you must live in the present moment, fully attentive and at peace. This is ultimately what you desire.

For further clarity, I invite you to visit my blog "Words Into Silence."

I eagerly anticipate your presence.

With warm regards,


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