How does one find happiness in life?

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A thought-provoking question, one that many seek an answer to, and one that many already have an answer for. However, let me begin my response with another question: What is the true essence of happiness? I feel compelled to address this question as I strongly believe that many individuals perceive happiness from an incorrect standpoint.

So, what brings us happiness according to common perception? Let's compile a few examples. You can personally assess and see if your viewpoint aligns with others:

- Cultivating loving relationships (with friends, family, and a partner).

- Pursuing a fulfilling career.

- Possessing material possessions such as a nice car, house, or fashionable clothes.

- Having a sufficient amount of money.

- Enjoying good physical and mental health.

Do you believe these factors truly bring you lasting happiness? If your answer is yes, then allow me to correct you. Why, you might ask? Here is my reasoning: all the aforementioned elements are external in nature.

What does that mean? If your happiness relies solely on external circumstances, what will happen when life throws inevitable challenges your way? What will you do when the people you love pass away, or you lose that amazing job, or a fire destroys all your possessions, or financial difficulties arise, or your health deteriorates? Imagine these occurrences happening simultaneously. How happy would you feel then? I reckon you would feel far from happiness; rather, you would likely feel utterly miserable.

Therefore, is this transient happiness that derives solely from external circumstances true happiness?

So, what does it mean to experience genuine happiness? It is the ability to maintain a sense of happiness regardless of the curveballs life throws at you (both metaphorical and literal).

But is genuine happiness attainable? Absolutely, and I speak from personal experience. After battling depression and suicidal thoughts for 20 years due to a neuro-physiological malfunction, I have discovered the key. Or, more accurately, keys. Frustrated by the inability of professionals to assist me, I dedicated myself to finding the answer to the question: "What does a human being truly need to be happy?"

I delved into extensive research and put every piece of information into practice, until I comprehended the nature of happiness and how it manifests. Even though my own depression and suicidal thoughts were alleviated through natural supplements, I noticed a significant disparity between my experiences and those of others. I no longer experience fear, anxiety, stress, or anger. I acknowledge their existence, but they are fleeting emotions. However, I have actually learned to appreciate these emotions. It may sound unconventional, but that is the essence of true happiness. I have trained myself to be consistently happy.

By maintaining a constant state of happiness, nothing can disturb my inner peace.

So, how does one achieve true happiness? Well, that is an extremely lengthy topic that cannot be summarized here. However, I am actively working to share my techniques with others. Therefore, please follow me to stay updated on how to discover genuine happiness - a happiness that will accompany you throughout your life.

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