What are some street smart tips that could potentially help me one day?

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Beware of being "street smart." If you find yourself in a street fight, don't resort to threats, just take immediate action. Violent individuals are already halfway towards achieving their goal of violence. They don't see loud talk or threats as a signal to de-escalate the situation; instead, they view it as an opportunity to attack or provoke you.

If you have no other option but to fight, launch a surprise attack on your opponent and do not relent until they are subdued. They won't show any mercy if given the chance.

Mind your own business (MYOB) when in urban or lower-income areas. Refrain from getting involved in any confrontations you witness. For instance, if you see a man assaulting a woman, call the police instead of stepping in. If someone appears to be excessively disciplining a child, stay silent and contact the authorities if the situation spirals out of control.

In dealing with strangers, it is crucial to suppress the instinct to interfere or speak up. You never know who you are dealing with, and intervening without knowing the full context can make you the next target for assault.

When in a lower-income area, dress appropriately for the surroundings. Avoid flashy or expensive attire, and opt for more modest clothing. Ensure you have suitable footwear for mobility and choose muted colors. While you may take pride in your wardrobe, catching the eye of the wrong person could make you a target for robbery.

Avoid predictable hiding spots for your money. Don't stash it in your socks, shoes, or bra, as these are well-known locations that would be checked by assailants if you claim to have no money. Instead, keep a small amount of money ($20-50 USD) in a pocket to appease potential muggers. Conceal the rest of your money in an unconventional spot in your clothing where it is unlikely to be discovered.

If for any reason you cannot carry a weapon, fashion a makeshift one using rolled-up newspapers or magazines. This can act as a highly effective tool to strike opponents in vulnerable areas such as the eyes, throat, or solar plexus. Those who notice it may assume you possess knowledge of street fighting or hand-to-hand combat, granting you extra space.

Always ensure that at least one hand remains free. If you cannot walk without using both hands, consider taking a taxi or ridesharing service instead. Attackers are aware that individuals with both hands occupied are defenseless, making them easy targets for mugging or assault. With one hand free, you can engage in combat, protect your head, or access a concealed weapon. Without a free hand, you are at the mercy of anyone you encounter.

These are the six tactics to stay street smart.

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