What life lessons do you live by?

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Sometimes you need to hold yourself back from giving advice. People need time to realize things. They need to go through certain experiences to understand their lessons. Until and unless it’s within their experience, a lot of things cannot be realized. Recognizing that and holding my tongue is an ability I am learning to master.

Not everyone is your friend. Throughout the years, I have learned to “categorize” people. I need to come up with names for some of those categories though. I have learned when to give, who to give, and how much to give. It’s shifted my relationships for the better.

Don’t complain about your health if you’re not doing anything to make it better. I try to live by it and fail sometimes. But I’m still learning. I spent so much of my life complaining about my health, but I was doing nothing for my well-being. Those were the experiences that made me realize it. Afterall, your health is solely your responsibility.

Don’t take things personally. Not every time, but A LOT OF TIMES, people do things, and it has nothing to do with you. When people are going through difficult situations in their own lives, they often tend to spill on others. Even your existence can irritate someone’s soul. As harsh as it may sound, it’s very real. But what can you do about it? Learn to broaden your perspective, see things their way and move on.

If you don’t love yourself, you are not capable of loving others. If you don’t know what love is and what love feels like, how can you say you love someone? If you do not care for yourself, how can you say that you care for someone else? Take a minute to think about it. I fully believe that a person’s ability to love someone is dependent on their ability to love themselves.

Don’t be afraid to take decisions for yourself. Even if you’re scared, take that decision anyway. If you’re having a tough time, but you’re busy thinking about how others may perceive you if you follow a certain path, then you’re doomed. You’ll always be behind in this race of life. It should ALWAYS be about what you want and what’s best for you - even if it means that you’ll be alone.

Look within. Just ask yourself, “What is this trying to teach me?” How we feel about certain people and situations have a lot to do with how we feel about things and perceive them within. I believe that some experiences are pointing at a part of us and saying, “You need to work on this side of yourself.” Some happenings are there to make you realize truths and give life lessons. Take it literally.

People’s idea of who you are is not within your control. Don’t let it create your reality. Don’t stress yourself trying to change that. Don’t seek their validation. The only validation you need is from yourself. Their image of you is not who you are, it’s simply who they believe you to be. It’s not real, and it’s okay, but at the same time, they have the freedom to think of you however they want. But if you let it control your reality, then you’ll always live an unfulfilling life.

Listen to your body. Apart from the doctor, don’t spend your time listening to people talk about what you should do with your body. It can be helpful sometimes, but your body knows best. When your body does not want a certain food, it will make that clear. Be willing to take it seriously - even if it may not make sense to others. Remember that every “body” is different, and how each of them reacts to things vary.

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