What are some good tips and tricks for Instagram?

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The present-day Instagram algorithm has undergone changes, and the same applies to Instagram marketing. However, there are a few timeless tips and tricks for IG marketing. Here are my top 10 recommendations:

1. Establish goals: Setting social media goals is crucial in establishing and enhancing the value of your social media efforts. Writing down your goals and regularly tracking your progress significantly increases your chances of achieving them.

2. Increase video content: Since a majority of people discover your business on Instagram without following you, the feed is an excellent platform to showcase your brand. Using video content allows you to differentiate yourself from other types of content on the feed.

3. Regularly go live: Going live on Instagram regularly helps boost engagement. To ensure a high-quality live video, I recommend using YellowDuck.tv to go live from your PC or Mac.

4. Determine your publishing frequency: Your ideal posting frequency depends on your goals and the time you can dedicate to Instagram marketing.

5. Switch to a business profile: Using a business profile provides access to built-in insights about your account's performance. You can analyze post-performance, follower activity, and audience insights.

6. Utilize free Instagram tools: Free tools like Canva, Buffer, Linktree, and Vaizle are essential for enhancing your Instagram performance.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories allow you to share as many videos and photos as you want without affecting your main news feed. The 'stories' feature is located on the top left of a user's Instagram feed and is highlighted when updated.

8. Use hashtags: Using relevant hashtags allows you to increase visibility for your campaign and reach your target audience. Utilizing hashtags helps connect you with your followers and connects your followers with each other when promoting an event.

9. Monitor Instagram analytics: The Insights tool provides valuable information regarding your audience's activity on Instagram, the popularity of your posts, and your account's impressions and reach.

10. Interact with your followers: It is not enough to gain more Instagram followers; retaining their engagement is equally important. Keep track of your follower growth rate and overall engagement levels.

I hope these tips will help you gain more followers and enhance your Instagram performance.

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