What would you do if you came to know that you will die in 5 minutes?

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Here is my thought if I have only 5 minutes left. I would tidy up my past and attempt to share a few bits of advice for my family, loved ones and friends.

It is horrible when people pass away with words unsaid and unfinished business. To leave people behind feeling resentful or hurt or confused. So using a couple of my remaining minutes I would call my loving ones and friends for thank-yous, apologies and clear up of any festering misunderstandings.

Now, with just two minutes to go, I would tell my loved ones I love them so much. I would also tell them that life is precious. It is filled with limitless possibilities. Do good things for other people. Live like there is no tomorrow. Laugh more, whinge less. Doing something with life and do not waste time with little stupid things. Live life to the fullest and have fun. :)

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