Are there any tips and tricks for IELTS Reading?

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Timing is everything! Learn to scan. Look at blocks of text and scan for keywords, people’s names, and places that are relevant, instead of trying to read each word with equal attention. You simply may not have enough time to read the whole text word-by-word and still answer the questions. I strongly recommend that you look at the questions first, and then scan through the text. By doing this you will be reading with purpose and actually find the required information easier. For instance, if you have to write something about “John Smith’s opinion” you can scan for “John Smith” and underline it. Then read that paragraph looking for the answer to that specific question.

Except for the first few times, always practice under exam conditions, forcing yourself to stop after 20 minutes per single passage or even after 60 minutes for 3 passages that you solve non-stop! Use a stopwatch alarm for this, if you have to.

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