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A quick way to recharge.

For example, to take an exam in the afternoon, to give a speech, or have an important meeting, eat lunch, feel mentally ill, and anxious, and tired, also can not sleep a nap, how to do?

Lie flat on the sofa or bed, close your eyes, tense your muscles, stretch your hands and feet forward as far as possible, tense your whole body, and then slowly relax. Repeat three or four times. In the meantime, begin to yawn, actively play, and wait with your mouth open, which will come soon enough.

One yawn after another, you will soon enter a state of stream of consciousness, some memories and images appear randomly in your mind, passing by without leaving a trace, not sleeping, sensing but not reacting to the movement around you. It's like an English class on a summer afternoon.

Fifteen minutes later, you wake up refreshed and refreshed.

The advantage is that you do not need to meditate, you do not need to fall asleep, the time is short, the effect is fast, does not affect sleep at night, and there is no hot start time after a long nap.

I never miss a big test. That's part of the reason.

Yawn, that's the point. Also, remember to set a bell for yourself in case you fall asleep and are late for the test.

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