What is the concept of "I know that I don't know"?

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The question is:

What is the concept of "I know that I don't know"?

When someone says “I know that I don't know.”, people usually dismiss him as a freak.

It is unimaginable for most human beings to imagine the state of not knowing anything.

They say, “I know a lot of things. I know English, math, science etc. etc.”.

Only a wise man truly knows that he does not really “know” anything from his own direct cognition.

How do we say that?

Now let us do some serious exploration.

We have 5 sensations namely seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling and they all have a limited range beyond which they are ineffective.

Besides these 5 sensations we have thoughts.

Together these 5 sensations + thoughts are called as perceptions.

All of these perceptions are happening on autopilot without any effort or deliberate selection on anybody’s part.

We do not have the faintest clue as to how these perceptions are all happening from our own direct cognition.

What the science text books describe is secondary knowledge. While secondary knowledge is awesome, it is not fundamentally different from information stored in a flash drive.

To exemplify this point let us focus on our vision:

Does anyone ever feel his eyeballs adjusting themselves to light and distance?

Does anyone ever feel his retina, optic nerve, neurons or the brain?

Does anyone ever feel his brain interpreting the optic signal?

Exactly what does it mean to say that the brain interprets? Is that saying anytihing?

Finally who or what is it that actually sees? Is it the eyes, the brain or what?

We do not have the faintest clue and yet seeing is undeniable, intensely intimate and axiomatic.

This applies to all of the 5 sensations.

Sensations are all somehow happening!

Now we all see a very bright blue sky during the daytime and the sensation is undeniable and yet our intelligence knows very well that the blue sky is non-existent in the absolute sense!

That is because color is not a substance but it is a sensation. Color is our body/brain’s reactions to a certain wavelength of the electro magnetic wave. There is no color out there! Each body/brain paints its own rainbow in the sky, nay, its own cosmos!

Sound likewise is our body/brain’s reactions to vibrations in the air. There is no sound out there!

When you see a blinding flash of lightning followed by a loud roar of thunder they are both in your head!

Apply the same logic to the remaining 3 senses and conceptually take away color, sound, smell, taste and feel from the cosmos and see what would be left of it!

Anything? Where is the cosmos?

It is in your head!

With our 5 senses we can directly sense solids, liquids and gases.

Is sensing the same as “knowing”?

I can sense a tree but then do I really “know” the tree from my own direct cognition?

Other than my own aliveness or awareness, I really do not “know” anything!

This is wisdom!

We have a lot of information stored in our memories.

You may call them as knowledge.

You have total freedom to do so!

But you do not really “know” anything, where “knowing” is a purely subjective experience that is extraordinarily subtle.

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