What are things you wish you knew?

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One thing I will say and I wish I knew before is that Good days will surely come after the days of storm and your hard work no matter what are the circumstances will never go in vain

On 18th December 2023

I was doing my readings for next day class and due to disturbed sleep cycle.Nowadays I sleep whenver I want to like staying awake whole night and sleeping in the evening as 6 hours of sleep is important…leave it.Ya So I missed my dinner and now at 12 am I was looking for food options that I have and ended up ordering pizza. I was about to throw the receipt into the dustbin then I don't know why I read the mentioned entries on it.

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A sudden flashback…memories of whether I will be able to make into a prestigious college.If not should I go for a drop year.What ifeven after immense hardwork I won't be able to achieve it.Things got worse when I wasn't able to crack ailet exam and the gap of 4 days between clat and ailet exam were the days I was thinking that death is more peaceful.I remember how my family used to pamper me tried their best to placatemy mood.They were worriedfor me but still chose to pretend that they are not disappointed. But yaa good days come.When my clat result was declared after knowing the fact that I made it to Nls things were not the same again.And now when I look back when I was worried and thinking about the end,I wonder that rather than worrying I must have faith on myself.

But yaa now,things are completely different[not a luxury though] but still I'm happy now[I hope]

Never give up


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