What is an example of something that most people don't know?

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Do you see the picture? They are quicksand. Surely you think that knowing how to escape from them is not relevant, right?

Well, you're about to change your mind.

What is an example of something that most people don't know?-第1张图片

I had a good friend named Joe who got caught in the quicksand. It happened just a few months ago. I was walking through the bushes of a forest in rural Australia, a path I had taken many times.

Joe took a wrong step and noticed how he sank a little into the ground. He panicked and took another wrong step that caused him to sink even further into the soaked earth.

When he realized what was happening, he realized that his first reaction had only driven him deeper into the sandy earth. It was too late for Joe. He decided to push himself out to get out.

Every time he pushed out, the earth swallowed him up a little more. He was sinking, the sand was already up to his chest level. Even so, he continued trying even harder. He knew his efforts weren't working, but he couldn't stop. It was like a ship trying to avoid a collision, the longer it takes to turn the rudder, the harder the turn.

He kept trying desperately. His mouth began to fill with sand. He continued pushing with all his strength until he lost it. After one last push, the sand swallowed him.

What if I told you that Joe wasn't walking in the woods, but rather he was in the middle of a conversation?

“You look very healthy, I love your curves, Anna.”

"Hey? What are you talking about?" “Well, those extra pounds feel really good on you. You look much healthier than those skinny girls” He added, while noticing how the sand was rising. “Are you saying I'm fat?” She answered angrily. “No, well, I like girls with curves, they are more attractive. An extra kilo is already good for me, my friends say the same.

” As you can imagine, at this point the sand was already up to his neck. Life is full of quicksand and we all face it at times. So how do we get out of them? Act, don't react. Our first action is the reaction. If we don't think, we reinforce our primary instinct.

When Joe was trapped, he pushed or struggled until he realized what was happening, but he had only sunk deeper. If Joe had stopped pushing, taken a breath, and reflected on his situation, he would surely have made it out. He would have realized that his compliment was offensive to the other person. “I'm sorry Anna. It sounded really bad on my part, that's not what I meant.

I just noticed that in the last few weeks you look fantastic and I wanted to know what your secret is.” But what if words are not enough to avoid offense? Just ask for forgiveness. That's all. With a sincere apology you can persuade anyone.

What is an example of something that most people don't know?-第2张图片

What if you're already pushing and fighting, but the arena keeps leveling up? Well exactly the same. Stop moving, and calmly leave the arena with an apology or acknowledgment of your mistake. Remember, it's never too late until it's too late; which tends to be later than we think. By the way, this is how you should escape from quicksand:

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