What is something I don't know that I should for life?

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When I was a young child, I possessed a great deal of selfishness, always seeking to acquire the best for myself. Gradually, I found myself abandoned by those around me and devoid of friendships. I failed to acknowledge that my behavior was to blame and instead criticized others for my loneliness.

My father imparted three important sentences to guide me throughout my life. One day, he prepared two bowls of noodles and placed them on the table. One bowl contained an egg on top, while the other did not. He challenged me to make a choice, asking, "My child, which bowl do you want?" In those times, eggs were a rare delicacy and only consumed during festivals or on New Year's Day. Naturally, I chose the bowl with the egg. As we began eating, I congratulated myself on my wise decision and quickly devoured the egg. However, to my astonishment, my father's noodles concealed two eggs at the bottom of his bowl. I deeply regretted my hasty choice and berated myself for the error. Smiling, my father taught me a valuable lesson, saying, "My child, remember that what your eyes perceive may not always be true. If you insist on taking advantage of others, you will ultimately suffer losses."

The following day, my father once again prepared two bowls of noodles, this time placing an egg on top of one and leaving the other without. He presented them to me, asking, "My child, which bowl do you want?" This time, I wised up and selected the bowl without an egg. However, much to my surprise, as I separated the noodles, I found no trace of an egg at the bottom of the bowl. Again, my father smiled and shared another piece of wisdom, saying, "My child, you must not solely rely on past experiences, for life can deceive you or play tricks on you. However, do not let this bring you annoyance or sadness. Instead, treat it as a lesson, one that cannot be learned from textbooks."

On the third day, my father repeated the ritual, cooking two bowls of noodles, one with an egg on top and the other without. Placing the bowls on the table, he asked, "My child, which bowl do you want?" This time, I decided to let my father choose first, acknowledging his role as the head of our family and his significant contributions. He selected the bowl with the egg, and as I savored my noodles, confident that there was no egg within my bowl, I was once again surprised to discover two eggs at the bottom. With love in his eyes, my father smiled and imparted his final words of wisdom, "My child, always remember that when you prioritize the well-being of others, good fortune will naturally come your way."

I have carried these three sentences from my father with me throughout my life and conducted my business accordingly. True to my father's wisdom, my business endeavors have become immensely successful.

These inspiring words were shared by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and I believe that they are essential for everyone to know and remember.

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