What is more important a degree or knowledge?

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Imagine yourself as an athlete. As a skilled runner, you have a strong desire to participate in a race. Luckily, you discover that a race is being organized at a nearby location. However, nine out of ten spots have already been filled, all with exceptional runners.

The thought of running alongside these talented individuals and showcasing your abilities excites you. You yearn for the adrenaline rush that comes with a race, the opportunity to prove your worth and gain recognition for your hard work and skills.

Filled with enthusiasm, you approach the organizer and express your interest, saying, "Sir, I am an athlete and I would love to take part in this event. It's a golden opportunity. As a dedicated and hardworking individual, I am confident that I can provide tough competition. I've heard there is an available spot. Is it possible for me to run in that position?"

Impressed by your confidence and energy, the organizer responds, "I'm glad you want to participate, and it's evident that you're truly passionate about it. However, can you provide any certificates or proof that you are a runner? If so, I will gladly let you run."

Perplexed by this request, you explain further, saying, "Sir, I don't possess any certificates, but I assure you that I am highly talented and skilled. If you time a trial run of, let's say, 200m, I will demonstrate my abilities. How would a certificate reflect my skills?"

The organizer smiles and adds, "I have no doubt about your abilities. You may indeed be a fantastic runner. However, there are 200 other candidates vying for that spot, desiring the opportunity to run. It's impractical to have everyone run trials to determine the best candidate. Certificates serve as an assurance that you have experience in running. I use them as a filter to select the most suitable candidate. I apologize for any inconvenience."

Returning to your initial question, both knowledge and certificates play a crucial role. In a scenario where numerous individuals possess equal knowledge and interest in the same position, basic eligibility criteria, such as certificates, come into play to filter through candidates. Although the effectiveness of what is learned in a degree program can be debated, these certificates provide assurance of a candidate's familiarity with a particular field. Changing these pre-filters to more suitable criteria will take time.

For now, both degree and knowledge remain important.

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