How can one detach himself from the sorrows of knowledge which caused apathy and vanity against all creation?

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By first knowing that you are an expression of that creation, not separate from it. The feeling of being the observer and seeing what is observed, cause detachment. BUT you were not born into this world as someone separate from what you experience around you… Instead you are it!!!

Know you are it and see EVERYTHING — EVERYTHING, both good and bad, as something to learn from or take a lesson from and you will know the world and yourself much better than you do now.

Don’t detach, as you are already detached, causing your problem. Connect and be happy. You are eternal and infinite. You are a spiritual being that is having this physical experience. You are not this body.

Read about those that can leave the body at will.

Good book for you is “Cosmic Ships” by Samael Aun Weor (a true Avatar). The website to learn plenty is: Glorian Organization. All is free on this not for profit website.

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